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3D Sky Ceiling Panel & Mural

3D Sky Ceiling Panel & Mural

Sky Mural Ceiling is a technique of applying various colors and designs to special aluminum profiles. It applicable to flat, circular and other geometric shaped ceilings. Thanks to this flexibility, each project offers unique design. Sky Murals can be made not only on the ceiling but on the wall for decorative purposes. It isn’t affected by water and moisture and doesn’t require maintenance or repainting. It can be cleaned easily and be used as soft light source. It is lightweight, non-flammable, hygienic, flexible. Installation can be done in a short time. It can be disassembled and reassembled if necessary.

You can easily transform your wall or ceiling by using Sky Mural Ceiling Panels. With ultra high-resolution picture quality makes the whole thing look nothing less than the real sky.

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